Who is Lucy

I would like to take a minute to introduce you to Lucy.  Our Mom, Mimi, Example and Friend. 

Lucy was a huge presence in this world and is greatly missed by many people.  She is the phenomenal mother of three daughters, Amberlee, Elessa, and MeriAnn (That’s Me!). Her whole world revolved around her daughters and her grandchildren.  It was what she was most proud of.

Lucy was a Licensed Professional Clinician and loved working in Wilderness Therapy.  She was on the leading edge of classifying gaming as an addiction and was well known in the therapy community for her forward-thinking ideas.  She loved people and loved helping people in whatever way that she could. 

Lucy had many, many talents.  She loved music, played several musical instruments and loved to dance and sing with her family.  She loved riding horses and motorcycles, camping in the desert and being pulled behind a boat on skis.  She was an avid reader, witty, highly intelligent, one classy lady and very artistic.  Her kids and grandchildren all have special hats, headbands, dolls and other special keepsakes made with Lucy’s loving hands especially for them.  Lucy was not, however, lucky.  She loved to play penny slots with her daughters and spend time at the casino but was never the big winner.  Maybe she can be a reminder to you, as she is to me, while you are here to only spend within your budget….because there is a good chance you are just going to lose it!

She grew up, and we did too, in a small county in Utah, Wayne County.  We classify it as a county because it is so small, nobody knows the towns, plus it provides a sense of community there.  Lucy didn’t always conform to the normal expectations, and she really loved the heat in Mesquite so we came to spend time here and had many future plans to spend more time in Mesquite together. Her time was cut way too short, but we are determined to continue to make those memories and experiences a reality here in Mesquite.  

She was very funny and gave some amazing advice.  She often told us things backwards because she would say “you won’t listen to me anyway”.  She would tell each of you, just like she did us to “Ride fast and take chances!”  Enjoy your stay!